Our wine growers have been able to identify the best lieux-dits (specific vineyard areas), the legacy of the meticulous work of the “elders”. They tailor the work of the soil and the vines according to their nature and are thereby able to bring out their best. The result is individual cuvées, with distinct yet subtle nuances, revealing the many facets of the wines produced by our winery.

Fleurie « La Madone »

The perfect high-altitude terroir, the « La Madone » climat is located in the highest lying part of Fleurie, facing the village of Chiroubles. The plots of vines are planted around the Chapelle de la Madone which dominates the village. The shallow soils are composed of granite and are low in organic matter. The Cuvée de la Madone is a fine, aerial and succulent wine and the most typical of the Fleurie appellation.

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Fleurie « Les Garants »

The « Les Garants » climat extends to the borders of the Moulin-à-Vent appellation in the northern part of the village. Its noble terroirs are well-exposed and the soil is 100% granite. This climat produces Fleurie’s most sturdy and robust wines. This spicy, distinctive wine can easily bear ten years cellar-ageing or more.

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Fleurie « La Chapelle Des Bois »

The « La Chapelle Des Bois » climat is located halfway up a slope, near the epicentre of the Fleurie appellation. The land is composed of sunny loamy soil, in which the grapes ripen early. This wine is soft, fresh and fruity and is the most feminine of the three climats.

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