“Let time do its work”: the Cave de Fleurie wine growers organise their work according to the four seasons. Each stage in the vine’s growth cycle is important to the success of the future vintage…

In the vineyards

Pruning in winter, traditionally using the Gobelet or Cordon methods, which allows us to restrain the vine’s growth and to ventilate the future clusters of grapes; disbudding in the spring to facilitate the growth of the fruit-bearing shoots; tying up the shoots, trimming and protecting against diseases in the summer, … our wine growers carefully tend their vines every day in order to obtain perfectly ripe grapes at the end of the summer.

Harvest time

Harvesting is carried out entirely by hand. The freshly picked grapes are transported in small trailers in order to protect the grapes from damage. The quality and maturity of the grapes are checked upon their arrival at the winery. Again, in order to respect the grapes as much as possible, no pumps are used in the winery and the grapes are instead “eased” into the vats using gravity.

In the winery

At the end of the maceration, the fermented grapes are gently transferred into the presses through a system of conveyor belts. Each wine is aged in vat in order to preserve the fruity, fresh character of the future wines; The fuller-bodied wines will spend a few months on the lees, in oak barrels or foudres (large oak vats).
The cellar master and wine growers regularly taste each wine from the cask. This is an opportunity for them to meet up and assess the development of each wine, before revealing them to you.